Frequently Asked Questions

1. Deposit Fees

There is 1.00% deposit fee for deposits. You can avoid fees by depositing here: https://deposit.bitroll.io/



2. Min. Withdrawal Amount

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00100000. This can change overtime if the BCH Network is overloaded!



3. Withdrawal Fees

The fees for withdrawals is 0.0010000. This can change overtime if the BCH Network is overloaded!



4. Is it possible to avoid Fees for Deposits?

For larger Deposits for Bankroll investements as example ( (more than 0.2 BCH!) you can email us at bitroll@tutanota.com. We will send an instruction and explain how you can do it. If you are just a player, you can deposit through deposit.bitroll.io. Note that it will take up to 24 hours to get your deposit credited!



5. I lost my money. I think you are cheating!

This site uses a provably fair algorithm. There is no way to cheat you. But you can contact us anytime and send to us your Bet IDs. We will take a look.